Mobile Loaves & Fishes


Non Profit


Our Purpose & Vision
We empower communities into a lifestyle of service with the homeless. 

Our Mission 
We provide food and clothing, cultivate community and promote dignity to our homeless brothers and sisters in need. 

Our Core Values
Our vision is supported by core values centered on our belief that homelessness is the result of a profound catastrophic loss of family:

  1. God, infinitely perfect and blessed in himself, in a plan of sheer goodness, freely created man to make him share in His own blessed life
  2. By virtue of being created by God in His image, we are all called to live in community and relationship with Him through each other
  3. The family is the original cell of social life 
  4. You shall love your neighbor as yourself 
  5. All members of the human family are equal in dignity 
  6. The Lord God took the man and settled him in the Garden of Eden to cultivate and care for it. Gen 2:15

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