Architectural Design & Building Construction Management Engineering


Civilitude provides civil engineering and planning services centered around land development, but also does much more. In Austin, we have learned alongside our clients how many different variables and unforeseen obstacles can derail or delay a project. So we have grown and expanded our skill-set to meet those challenges. Civilitude is big enough to get the job done on any development project, but nimble enough to be creative problem solvers while providing exceptional customer service.

Civilitude was founded in 2010 when Fayez left a secure job out of a dissatisfaction with the way civil engineering was practiced in Austin. Nhat soon joined Fayez because they thought the human side of engineering was being neglected; that more personal and responsive customer service could be combined with creativity and tenacious advocacy to form true partnerships with clients where both parties were invested in the success of projects. The result has been sustained growth, a stellar track record, and a loyal customer base.

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